A butterfly is a messenger of transformation and change. Should it fly to the light, or through darkness back to life?

  • Materials | Bones of moose and iron
  • Year | 2014
  • 13 Samples of Love

    When stepping into love you will be exposed to tests, which you can´t and don´t want to know beforehand. You can only trust if there is luck or not. The Samples of Love are pieces of my body, casted in plaster including the heart which is similar to mine. There are 13 pieces altogether.

  • Materials | Plaster and glass
  • Year | 2014
  • Paradise

    In Year 2013, I made these sculptures as part of a project for artists - Uutta!. Artworks were commissioned for Herttoniemi Kindergarten. All sculptures have been made with waste materials that I collected from nearby protected nature forest Viikki, Helsinki.

  • Materials | Recycled ceramic, metal, glass and tree
  • Year | 2013
  • Collections | City of Helsinki
  • Birdies

    'Birdies' is an art installation inspired by migratory birds. I used geese feathers as material that I collected from the fields of Viikki, Helsinki.
    "farewell greetings from the birds to flightless us".

  • Materials | Feathers and fabrics
  • Year | 2012
  • The Spirits of Medicine Containers

    The taste of life according to chemical industry with all side effects. That was the starting point for these spirits that grow and collapse. The set contains 30 sculptures of spirits casted in plaster into used medicine containers.

  • Materials | Plaster and glass
  • Year | 2009
  • Insects

    These giant insects have become visible and are made of human trashy culture. People would not exist in this planet without insects, but insects could do without people. Insects of this community will expand.

  • Materials | Recycled plastics
  • Year | 2008
  • Colours

    The Colours are crayons shaped as characters. They can be used as tools for drawing or communication. "Colours" intend to show the results of involvement between characters. The results of the communication can be softening, stimulating, balancing or dirtying. It all depends on the character that is chosen. The interaction can become visible or invisible. The user makes the choice of characters and tests which way they react to each other. And what is left of the one which is used as a disposable product?

  • Materials | Colour pigments and wax
  • Year | 2005