The Object conveys the conflict between hard and soft values. It is a family game. The rules of the game may not be respected always and the winning may just be an externally built up illusion.

  • Materials | Acrylic resin, tin, aluminium and plastic
  • Year | 2003
  • Chain


  • Materials | Oxidised silver
  • Year | 2003
  • Sucking Pads

    The Sucking Pads -body objects are fastened to the skin by pressing against it. They hold on to the skin for a while and as the vacuum gets released, they drop leaving a mark on the skin. They are kind of artificial parts of the body. A person can use them for showing feelings without using words. With the Sucking Pads it is possible to show anger, love, superiority and loneliness.

  • Materials | Silicon, copper, brass, silver, sugar and lacquer
  • Year | 1996